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5 Easy Tips for Doing a Squat Correctly

Squatting is a great exercise for improving glute strength. The Gluteus Maximus in the largest muscle in the body. If done incorrectly, squatting can result in injury; mainly to the lower back and knees.

Here are five key points to perform a squat correctly and prevent injury.

1.) Make sure you feet are shoulder width apart.

Be sure your feet are not too close together nor too far apart.  (Although there are other ways to perform squats to target various parts of the body, here we are reviewing a basic squat).

2.) Keep your back straight.

Keep your back so that your spine is lined up from your head to your butt. If you find that you have to bend or round your lower back, then you have squatted too far. 


3.) Your weight should be through the back half of your feet (mostly through the heels).

As you squat most of your weight should be back through the heels of your feet.  You may feel as though you will fall backwards.  When you increase the weight through the heels of your feet, you should feel your glute (butt) muscles engage.

4.) Keep your knees behind your toes.

Your knees should not go out past your toes when you are down in the squat. This increases stress in the patellas (knee caps) which, over time and repetition, can cause knee problems.

5.) Squat down as if you were going to sit into a chair.

If you practice squatting in front of a chair, you will notice how you reach your butt back towards it. When squatting freely, imagine you are reaching your bottom back towards the chair.


Below is how you should NOT look when squatting: 

Incorrect squat form

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Nicole, @nfergyfit

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