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5 (or 6) Tips for Easily Reducing Unnecessary Calories in Your Diet and Becoming a Healthier You.

Counting calories can be super, daunting right? It is a simple fact that when trying to lose weight it is a simple calculation of calories in vs calories out. So how can you stop taking in extra calories without actually having to write it down?

Check out these easy to apply tips for easily reducing calories in your diet.

1. Don’t order the whole meal.

If you are choosing to get fast food, and you normally order the whole meal, just getting the sandwich or main part of the meal, will reduce the amount of calories you intake in that moment. You can always go back for more! (Hopefully you’ll make it home for a much healthier choice though).

2. Drink water vs pop/empty calorie drinks.

A single pop can have at least 140 calories in it. That is 140 calories of NOTHING that is benefiting your body. That is a LOT of EMPTY (not nutritious) calories. Choose water. There are plenty of things you can do to make your water taste better!

If you are a pop addict, try reducing the number of sodas you have in a day. Even if it’s just by one! That will be 140 LESS calories of pop you consume in a day. Now imagine drinking TWO LESS pops…that’s 280 calories you’ve saved yourself!

3. Choose small instead of large.

A small fry has less calories than a large for the simple fact there is LESS of them. This goes for the smaller soda vs large as well.

4. Start with a single serving size.

We tend to overeat most everything. If you notice, all your food has a label with exactly how much a serving size is. Start by just eating the recommended serving size.

5. Leave the junk food at the store.

Simply don’t buy the junk food. If the temptation is not there, you can’t really eat it. If you’re anything like me, I have a hard time controlling my love for Oreos, so, unless it’s a special occasion (like that womanly time of month (wink, wink), I just leave them at the store! Problem solved!

6. Eat at home.

Cooking at home can significantly reduce calories. Check the calories on your next home-cooked meal vs the calories in your burger and french fry meal.

I hope this gives you an idea of some ways YOU have control of what you decide to put in your body. These simple lifestyle changes are a great place to start for a healthier you!

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