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5+ Exercises for the Core Using Sliders or Paper Plates

Sliders are a great addition to any home exercise program. It’s always nice to add change to your routines, not only to keep from getting bored, but also to challenge your body and muscles to avoid a plateau. (More on plateauing in a later blog post).

I have developed a routine that will target all areas of the body using just your body weight and sliders. (Paper plates can be used too if sliders are not available to you).

I bought my sliders on Amazon. I love them. They are double sided to be used either on the carpet or hard flooring. (Affiliate link: These are the ones I use). They also came in my favorite color…green!

Check out these different ways to use sliders in your workout.

1.) Push-Ups

As you can see below, I had to do these on my knees because using the sliders strongly engages the core muscles (mine just aren’t there yet).

How to:

Start in push-up position, slide the sliders outward to get down to the floor and bring them back in to push-up.

  • Make this more difficult by going into a full push-up (no knees).
  • Make easier by standing and leaning on a wall to do the push-ups.

2. Single Leg Squat with lateral Leg slide

How to: Get your balance on one leg, as you squat down, slide the opposite leg outward and pull back in as you raise up from the squat.

Be sure to keep the knee behind the toe with most weight through the heel or your standing leg. (see how to perform a squat for a better idea.)

3. Lunge

To increase the use of your hamstrings with a lunge, this is a great exercise to do with sliders.

How to: Instead of stepping backward (like a normal back lunge), slide the foot back as you squat with the front leg. Use the hamstrings and engage the core to return to standing. (It’s harder than it looks).

4. Hamstring Curl/Bridge

This is a good one for the hamstrings! I’d say this is pretty advanced.

How to: Start up in the bridge position with feet on their own slider. slowly lower the legs into a straight position, just to a slight bend. Return to the bridge by bending the knees, pulling the sliders with you.

Make this easier by keeping your butt on the floor, just sliding the legs in/out; and even easier sliding one leg at a time, without the butt lift.

5. Various core exercises with plank starting position.

There are several ways you can move your feet on sliders while holding yourself in a plank starting position. This one is easier shown, so check them out in action on the video below. You’ll see all the slider exercises listed above as well. (Don’t see the video below click here).

Well there you have it. More exercises to add to your home or gym routine. Have you tried other slider exercises and want to share? Please do so in the comments! I’m always up for more exercise ideas!

Don’t forget, secrets don’t make friends, so be sure to share the love!

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