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Please take note that I am not a nutritionist, so any recipe you see here is just that, a recipe. The recipe guide is not intended to replace any nutritional advice, you should consult with your medical doctor for any information regarding your diet.

While I am a licensed PTA and have a background in fitness, I am not a medical doctor. All online programs are done at your own discretion, and you should consult a doctor or PT in person for any individualized circumstances.

You should also consult with your doctor before beginning ANY new exercise or diet plan, as there are many health risks associated with exercise as well, including, but not limited to, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, possibility of injury and/or even death.


As an ambassador for the JustStrong clothing line and The Great North Activewear, I do earn a commission if you decide to use my discount link. There is no extra cost to you, in fact, you get a discount for using my code. There is no other affiliation with JustStrong and/or The Great North Activewear other than what has been disclosed here.

On that note, I only recommend items I like myself and give you my honest review/opinion.


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